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Endurance IT Services Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at New Office in Virginia Beach

Endurance IT Services Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at New Office in Virginia Beach

Endurance IT Services Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at New Office in Virginia Beach
May 10, 2018 | Endurance IT Services

On May 10th, 2018 Endurance IT Services re-opened their offices in the Convergence I building by Town Center in Virginia Beach.  No expense was spared, and no business influencers were spared either.  In addition to Endurance customers, prospects, & employees, we were honored that both Warren Harris, Director of Economic Development for the City of Virginia Beach, and Jim Woods, Vice Mayor of Virginia Beach, joined us as well. Both gentlemen were there to contribute to the official ribbon cutting ceremony.  Harris stated, “Today is a great honor to be a part of today’s festivities.  We have the good fortune of having your company and the companies that you are associated or affiliated with to make the awesome decision to grow and expand their foot print here in the City of Virginia Beach.”


As the “ceremonial big scissors” were handed to Blake White, Endurance IT Services President, he couldn’t help but get a little choked up.  His vision of developing a managed IT company with the focus on providing “fanatical” customer service and support through proper positioning of IT systems turned 10 years old this year.  For any business owner this is a huge accomplishment and Jim Woods couldn’t be happier for Blake.  Woods stated, “It’s a great day in Virginia Beach because we always like new business and the expansion of businesses in our city and I just couldn’t be happier to see this especially great IT company here because that’s one of our target businesses as Warren would tell you.”

 Once the ribbon was official cut by Harris, Woods, White, James Ashmore (VP of Endurance) and Mike Alexander (VP of Endurance) the celebration could really begin.  All were on deck to see the newly remodeled offices with the state-of-the IT infrastructure in place.A sleek and modern office décor with beautiful hardwood floors, glass walls to create an open concept and multiple awards (such as Best Place to Work in Virginia from 2013-2017, Inc. 500/5000 Fasted Growing Companies in 2012, City of Virginia Beach & Hampton Roads’ all-around Small Business of the Year in 2014, Best Places to Work in Hampton Roads from 2014-2017, and Inside Business’ Roaring 20 in 2014& 2016) that lined the walls, rounded out this very successful re-opening. 


We invite you to learn more about what makes Endurance IT Services one of the top IT managed firms in Hampton Roads by visiting us at  Let us show you how we will be fanatical about your company’s satisfaction like no one else in our marketplace is. 

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